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A Tomato joins the Team!

A Tomato is a long time friend, editor and co-writer of several guides made in the past. It is such an honor to announce that he is now officially a part of the Review & Brew Team!

About A Tomato:

Howdy howdy. This is a special tomato, in part because it can write!

While I've always had an affinity towards creative endeavours, my current journey only started from 2019. I was the co-writer and editor for Prof. Purble's guides on how to use Source Filmmaker, a free animation and rendering tool.

Nowadays, alongside videogames, technology and the occasional digital art pieces, I also write reviews on my recently played games. These titles range from the old to the new, the indie and the big-budget - and anything imbetween.

It's truly exciting to expand and reach out to newer audiences. I hope that you, dear viewer, enjoy our content as much as we enjoy creating it!


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