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Review & Brew has been published!

Updated: Mar 21

Hello my fellow readers, Prof. Purble here!

As some of you know already, Review & Brew has now gone live and is free to view for all!

There's been a few things added into this update, plus a few minor hiccup corrections.

Donations is now an added option in the tabs menu. To those who donate, thank you in advance. You are helping this author stay motivated in more ways than you can imagine.

There were a few known typos in the games descriptions and some of the mystery title cards had "Learn more" instead of "Coming Soon..." and Gran Turismo 7 in the PlayStation tab did not have its bio filled out, whoops.

Once again, thank you to those who continue to support and cheer me on. I'll continue to work my hardest and will strive to improve on more things as time goes on. Please, do not hesitate to let me know what you think in the comments section below and if I missed anything, please let me know. Every bit of feedback helps!


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