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The road to Game Journalism update

Updated: Mar 23

Hello once again, my jolly readers. It is me again, Prof. Purble!!!

In this update, I really want to show my commitment to becoming a game journalist, not just a game reviewer. It has always been a goal of mind to expand and make use of my writing experience to its fullest potential. Yes, some occasional typo's and hiccups do arise from time to time still, but I always try to correct those mistakes and I look back at how I could improve. It's a learning process and while I strive to do my very best, I also acknowledge and value feedback and take it to heart.

With that said, I've renamed "My Blog" to "Journalism Blog". In between writing game reviews, I've decided I wanted to help contribute by posting headlines on current gaming trends, such as for example: "New Zelda game's release date confirmed!" But, with this in mind, I want to take a slightly different experimental approach to this.

Something I have noticed a lot of in journalism and reading articles, almost every single one of them gives an overview of what the game is in question they are speaking in regards to, and for me at least, I end up skipping through a lot of the article until I find the answer I came for that was what the headline of the article was teasing about. My experiment to this is to just give the answer straight off from the bat at the very top below the articles headline name, and if the reader feels interested or has the time to spare, a longer explanation will be provided if the viewer is interested in learning about more, but time is a precious resource, and I want to respect that.

In addition to this, I am also going to be changing the positioning of where I show the "recommended" and "Not recommended" labels of my reviews, from the bottom of the page, to the top, for the same reasons mentioned earlier. This will not be an immediate change, but I plan on implementing it soon.

New Graphical update by Eria!

Thanks to my closest and most dearest beloved, Eria has created a new look for the mystery cards with her awesome talented mind. Check it out!

This closes things off in this update. Thank you for your time!


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