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Questions & Answers

What is Review & Brew?

First founded in February, 2023, Review & Brew was originally a single host site for Prof. Purble’s game reviews and blogs. Over time, the website’s scope increased together with the team’s size; we now also tackle journalism, opinion pieces, and tech-centric articles.


Review & Brew is a place where you can find reliable, thorough reviews on the games we play - all without a single ad. The site is built around simplicity and ease of navigation. We hope you can appreciate the effort that went into making this possible, and that you’ll enjoy your time here.

What kind of games does this site review?

Anything from the 3rd Generation of consoles and onwards. We cover a wide range of genres. Depending on the review author, we specialize in action, first-person shooters, racers and RPGs - all reviewed thoroughly and fairly.

Why is there no score system, like 7/10?

Simply put, there is no standardization or control over what they mean in the first place.


Let’s be honest with ourselves, there is no such thing as a perfect game. If we were to give something a 10/10, but then we go to criticize something not good about it, suddenly the score does not properly reflect the game as a whole and loses meaning. By boiling it down to this simpler standard of Recommended vs. Not Recommended, it leaves room open for criticism to have its say.

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