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Welcome to Review & Brew! Home to where various games of different genres have been given full in-depth analysis reviews, where storytelling, gameplay mechanics, technological feats and hardware performance specifications are viewed with constructive criticism.

Though you will not only find reviews on this site, "Journalism Blog" is a place for general thoughts, ideas and opinions, as well as updates to the site and even includes journalist reports and news.

So grab a coffee, get comfy and find a review (or article) that peaks your interest!

Meet the Team

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Prof. Purble


You may have never heard of me, but I’ve made a few contributions in the past. In 2019, I published my first successful guide around helping beginners learn to use the popular 3D animation program, Source Filmmaker.

I of course enjoy playing video games and I have many other interests too, such as reading, digital art, going on outdoor adventures, and I especially love cats! My favorite genre of music is either Lofi, Sci-fi or anything video game related.

These days I will sit down with a cup of coffee (or sometimes tea) and write up something interesting about a certain video game that I wish to share my views on.

OC Artwork created by EddieWeen.




Hey hey, I am the FoxyGirl, Lyna! I am the partner of the lovely Prof. Purble.


I enjoy playing video games, being creative by doing digital art and I absolutely love it when it rains and I enjoy visiting rivers and I like to read fantasy books and manga's occasionally.


Currently my duty is to keep this site up running in tip top shape.


A Tomato


Howdy howdy. This is a special tomato, in part because it can write!

While I've always had an affinity towards creative endeavours, my current journey only started from 2019. I was the co-writer and editor for Prof. Purble's guides on how to use Source Filmmaker, a free animation and rendering tool.

Nowadays, alongside videogames, technology and the occasional digital art pieces, I also write reviews on my recently played games. These titles range from the old to the new, the indie and the big-budget - and anything imbetween.

It's truly exciting to expand and reach out to newer audiences. I hope that you, dear viewer, enjoy our content as much as we enjoy creating it!

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