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New QoL Update! [13th March 2023]

Hello again coffee (or tea) drinking enthusiast. Today's update post is a biggie, so brew your favorite beverage and get comfy, there is a lot to talk about!

SEO implementations

Eria has been working hard at keeping things in tip top shape and in her role as SEO, she's made it easier for our website to show up on the Search Engine results page, although it may take some time before it consistently starts showing up properly.

In addition, there are now images added to URL links leading to all of the review pages on the site. Now you can visually see what you're clicking onto, instead of it being just a wall of small text and links.

Eria has also fixed the link leading to the Gran Turismo 7 Review as it was named incorrectly, but has now been fixed.

New Review coming soon: Metroid Samus Returns

The next game to be reviewed will be the 3DS remake released in 2017! We've covered the original Metroid II: Return of Samus, but does Samus Returns hold up to its expectations and does it live up to its ambitious title? You'll have to sit tight and stay tuned as it comes closer to publishing!

ETA: Sometime this March

Along with the ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ review will come a new page design for all current and future reviews. As the current design stands, it gets the job done and serves the intended design choice of minimalism. This new design will include a lot more pictures to show, and will even have gifs, so it's less time consuming and more engaging! Do keep in mind this won't affect the length of reviews; it's more of a personal QoL improvement.

Journalism Posts have taken off!

I have now started picking up on doing game journalism as a hobby, and the two posts that have been created have received the most views out of all the blogs that have been posted so far!

As a part of my journalism experience, I am only covering stories that I can find direct sources too and will insert citations whenever a factual statement calls for it.

If you missed them, you can view them here!

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Filesize is going to be Massive!

Posted: March 4th

MarioKart 8 & Splatoon on Wii U has gone Offline!

Posted: March 5th

Updated: March 6th

Before we move on, the Journalism Blog page is now easier to navigate and search up past posts!

Making Review & Brew mobile friendly

During the course of the site's online presence, it's been noted down that while this site is more suited for Desktop/laptop viewing, about half the daily visitors are on mobile according to the SEO statistics report.

With this in mind, efforts to make the site more mobile friendly are underway. Please be patient as this will take time to fully optimise on every page. One of the first few pages to have currently already received such treatment is the Home page. More pages will be optimised as time goes on and we thank you for your understanding and patience.

Credits page design overhaul

Finally, the last talking point in today's post, the credits page has received a new make-over, and does a better job showing off the people that have made everything you see possible! I'd like to take a moment to give extra credit, where it is due:


The love of my life. You came into my life, feeling me with joy and happiness and with you by my side, you complete me. The amount of effort you've poured in shouldn't be ignored, nor neglected. You have done well, and I'm extremely proud of you for all the work you have done!

A Tomato

My inspiration for writing reviews and being a critique. You invited me into your Steam page curator group, that helped things out a lot. It's safe to say, if it wasn't for that push, none of this may have happened. You not only helped me with my game reviews, but you also helped co-write several guides with me and I'm forever grateful for your assistance.


You were there right from the very beginning. You helped get me out of dark places where I didn't think it would have been possible. Since 2014, we have been close friends, and have so far held onto that friendship through it all. You left such a positive impact on my life, that it led me to where I am today and I can never repay you for that. Thank you, for everything.


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