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In 2001, Nintendo unleashed the Game Boy Advance onto store shelves as the next major release of the handheld device lineup - thus, bringing them into the 6th generation of consoles. 


Games on the GBA looked and played better than ever, thanks to 32-bit hardware and, as a first for Game Boys, a 15-bit color screen. Early models had no backlight, which the later Game Boy Advance SP integrated, thankfully. 


The GBA hosted a plethora of beloved titles. While it didn't sell as well as Nintendo's other handhelds, it was an excellent performer and still remains sought-after today. Its legacy continues, with a number of GBA titles being playable through the Nintendo Switch Online Service.

Game Boy Advance Reviews


Samus has some time on her hands before her next bounty assignment, so she decides to reflect back on her first mission. Taking place on her own home world, planet Zebes, can she handle recalling her own origin story, or is it best left forgotten?


Metroid Zero Mission

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