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The PC


The personal computer (or PC, or nowadays just called "computer") started life in the 60s as ginormous mainframes. Over the decades, technology allowed personal computers to become slimmer, more powerful, more accessible and more practical. Consoles of all kinds came and went, but the PC was never far behind - and several times, it even overtook contemporary consoles in power.


Nowadays, computers are everywhere in our life. Even the expected desktop towers come in a mind-bogglingly vast range of configurations. Specifications and performance also differ significantly from each unit, so pinning down a baseline model is impossible.


Whatever the case might be, one thing is for sure: the PC is here to stay.

PC Reviews


What if the Lamb wasn't the sacrifice for a cult but instead its bahh-evolent leader? Well, we don’t have to imagine what it would look like because Australian indie developer Massive Monster has made this idea a reality. Cult of the Lamb is a top-down perspective roguelike with base-building elements.


Cult of the Lamb


Sonic and the gang burn some rubber in some team racing. Something don't smell right about them tires though, and it's not just because Eggman and his goons are involved either. Buckle up and find out if it's a race worth seeing or if you should just get a refund on those racing tickets.


Team Sonic Racing


The most dysfunctional crew is back to save the day. Rocket goes on to steal things, Gamora tries to run ahead. Drax takes every word literally. Will their leader, Peter Quill, be able to keep this crew together, or is it a lost cause?


Guardians of the Galaxy


Sonic, being the most impatient hedgehog ever, decides to act ahead without thinking of the consequences, prompting an alliance with Eggman to undo his mistake. Can they save the day before things get too rotten?


Sonic Lost World


An adventure filled with fighting, magic, love and a whole lot of recipes. Travel with Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis. Is it worth saving the world of Eos from the clutches of the dreaded Niflheim Empire and the daemons, or is it better to leave this game in the dark?


Final Fantasy XV

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